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Raksha Bandhan, 2014. Also on: instagram
30 Sep, 2014

Rakhi on Flickr.

Raksha Bandhan, 2014. Also on: instagram

30 Sep, 2014

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21 Sep, 2014

Cake on Flickr/Flickr on Cake.

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Do you vote?

For the completely clueless, CEO of Delhi’s “A Guide for the Voters” remains as relevant as ever.

Another very useful and remarkably engaging piece of resource for the young voter is a handbook called Vote Smart by Tanvi Ratna aka the Policy Girl.

Another useful page pdf, on the CEO Delhi website is the Know your MP/MLA which lists Lok Sabha MPs AS WELL AS Rajya Sabha MPs and MLAs from the December 2013 elections. This is useful as a reminder that AAP was a surprising winner in the last elections, and cannot be written off easily.

Of course, among those who think AAP is a joke, The Hindu today came up with a comparison of manifesto’s of the three of its MOST FAVOURITE parties in the world: INC, BJP, and CPI (M). A similar article appeared in Hindustan Times which is why HT sells and TH doesn’t, but anyway. OR if you’re too lazy to play the match-the-following-game and keep track of what party you most agree with, you could use this quiz to give you an idea of what party you’d most agree with.

If you want to have a look at the candidates in your constituency I’d recommend this page which has drawn its data from the affidavits which are available in zip (ugh) format on the ECI website.

For those voting in Delhi (esp the New Delhi constituency), please do take out the time to explore the options, despite the “race” being a “three-legged one”. How about the youngest candidates? In India, you can get employed in hazardous industries at 14, get married with parental consent at 16 (21 if you are a male though), not get jailed for rape till 18, vote at 18, get employed as a civil servant at 21, drink at 25 (varies between not at all-25 across the country), and get elected to the Lower House at 25. If you’ve survived all this, you could try getting elected to Rajya Sabha at 30. But I digress.

Another article about Delhi as a state and the New Delhi constituency in particular.

Finally, if you’re still unsure, confused, or dazed by all the election mania, you could simply use the NOTA button. OR better still, vote for this lady.

BONUS link 1: Interesting facts and figures about the mammoth task that is the Indian elections. The MEA seriously needs better editors though.

BONUS link 2: An infographic about Indian elections by Al Jazeera.

4 Apr, 2014